Three Ways To Know If You Have A High Accident Risk Workplace

Three Ways To Know If You Have A High Accident Risk Workplace

Before a business can hire employees regulators and authorities must inspect your workplace and see potential hazards to employees that business owners must iron out.

Once given a permit to hire workers, businesses must guarantee that basic health insurance accompanied by the health risks the employment can cause protects all its employees.

An office — despite how safe it may look like — can be at a high risk of accidents.

Here are three ways to know.


Employers renovating areas around your workplace should put up proper signs warning employees and individuals in the building that hazards can happen at any time.

A pothole, weak structures and possible slip-trip hazard warnings employers and contractors should place in relevant areas at all times.

You have a high risk of having an accident in your workplace if there is a renovation taking place.

Employees Coming In Sick

The more employees need to go overtime to perform their tasks while they are sick with anything, the higher the risk of you contracting the disease. It is important that your employer have these individuals take a leave from work to avoid an endemic in the office.

If not immediately addressed, all damages and possible chronic evolutions of these sicknesses is your employers’ responsibility.

Faulty Equipment and Tools

Equipment is not limited to hard or heavy labour. Equipment is also the computer you use in your office or the pencil sharpener you borrowed from the storage room.

Each of these equipment your employer accounts for and they must guarantee that all equipment and tools are working in order.

Should this guarantee fail and you have suffered an injury, then the employer must answer to your accident at work claims once you file.

An accident at work claim provides more than just a medical assistance guarantee but also possible lifestyle and other damages a work accident injury may have wreaked upon you.

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