Europe Votes To End American Visa-Free Travel

Europe Votes To End American Visa-Free Travel

New US Immigration policies banning four east European countries and a Mediterranean country had urged the EU parliament to use legal force to disallow visa-free travel for US travellers. Lawmakers argue that the US had failed to respond to a “visa reciprocity” deadline the last three years — enabling the EU to dispose of its Visa Waiver Program (VWP) for the United States.

The EU Commission found the United States had failed to comply with its visa reciprocity requirements that allow visa-free travel for Americans. The US, along with Australia, Japan, Brunei and Canada, all needed to lift visa requirements for EU travellers as part of its reciprocity program. All four countries had adhered to their requirements immediately.

The four US-visa required east European countries include communist-history rich Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus from the Medterranean. EU travel analysts were quick to say that waging a “visa war” against the EU and America could have serious consequences for both countries’ travel economy.

Visa-free travel is intended by most developed nations to help boost its tourism sectors — which make up a huge portion of employment for many US and European countries. According to a United States State Department Spokesperson,  the US declares the visa waiver programme void for the countries it mentioned due to unspecified security issues.

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