European Criminals Will Be Persecuted in UK Ahead of Official Brexit

European Criminals Will Be Persecuted in UK Ahead of Official Brexit

According to UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd she will not wait for Brexit to hunt down and persecute European criminals in UK soil. According to Ms Rudd, rapists, drug dealers and murderers will not walk Britain’s streets.

UK courts have preferential treatment over European criminals than criminals from other countries. European criminals are harder for the UK to deport based on current legislation.

The law states that non-EU nationals who are sentenced to more than 12 months imprisonment should automatically face deportation upon release, but it does not apply to criminals from the EU.

In addition, the 2004 Free Movement Directive – which falls under EU legislation – states that previous criminal convictions of migrants “shall not in themselves constitute grounds for taking such measures”.

The law states: “The personal conduct of the individual concerned must represent a genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat” to society.

Ms Rudd told Daily Mail: “I didn’t want it to seem that we’ve voted to leave the EU and now we just wait.

“This is all about making sure we keep citizens safe, that we don’t accept the status quo – that where I see an opportunity for us to protect people more effectively then we will do this.”

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