Labour Presidential Hopeful Says He Will Abolish Tuitions Fees

Labour Presidential Hopeful Says He Will Abolish Tuitions Fees

Jeremy Corbyn said he will scrap student fees and restore maintenance grants. By raising taxes on company profits and higher National Insurance payments for high earners, he could pay the promises, which would take about £10 billion.

About three of the four presidential hopefuls had rejected the proposal of Labour’s presidential candidate.

Corbyn issued an apology on behalf of labour to the generation of students hit by Labour-imposed tuition fees. His platform will help provide the opportunity to change course and match the no-charge policy of Scotland and Germany.

The possible £7 billion lost in tuition fees would be replaced by a 7% rise in National Insurance contributions for anyone earning more than £50,000 or more yearly.

Corbyn said:

“Education is not about personal advancement but is a collective good that benefits our society and our economy,” he said.

“I want to apologise on behalf of the Labour Party to the last generation of students for the imposition of fees, top-up fees and the replacement of grants with loans by previous Labour governments.

“I opposed those changes at the time – as did many others – and now we have an opportunity to change course.

“There are no student fees in Scotland, Germany and 12 other European countries; I want to bring all UK students into line with that sensible approach.”

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