Russian Airstrikes Gain Syrian Regime Support

Russian Airstrikes Gain Syrian Regime Support

During an interview with an Iranian channel, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had publicly expressed backing the Russian-initiated air strikes against Syrian splinter rebel groups fighting against the Regime.

In the interview, he said the attacks would prevent the entire region from being destroyed. Backed by Iranian forces and international support, the Russian attacks have larger rates for success.

Meanwhile, he had called upon Western and European forces and allies to stop supporting the armed opposition.

Russia is Targetting Anti-Assad Forces

Syrian activists observing action in the Syrian civil war note that Russian air strikes do not discriminate between West and Arab-supported rebels and extremists including the Islamic State.

Russian President Vladimir Putin denied such allegations. He said they had the same objective to stop the same parties the US and Arab parties have on their sights, which include IS forces.

The air strike against the city of Jisr al-Shughour, which many saw as unnecessary because no rebel force was housed in the city, was alleged to have killed many civilians. Russia denies it and claims it has destroyed 12 ammunition dumps and one command centre all belonging to the Islamic State.

The Refugee Problem

The Syrian Civil War has offset more than a million Syrians who had crossed shores from the Middle East to Europe. The five-year war, which began from a peaceful protest, had claimed millions of lives with almost 250,000 people killed.

The international community’s biggest trouble was moving and sheltering the millions of refugees fleeing from their war-torn and persecuting cities and capitals.

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