Yes Vote Would Mean Signficant Bills For the Scottish

Yes Vote Would Mean Signficant Bills For the Scottish

According to a new study by the Poverty and Social Exclusion Project (PSE), more than 250,000 people in Scotland are not properly fed and almost a million Scottish nationals could not afford adequate housing. The study is based on an ideal living standard and the minimum living standards set by the Scottish society.

The PSE showed its results, indicating that:

-800,000 individuals in Scotland are too poor to engage in common social activities

-200,000 children live in damp homes

-400,000 adults live without essential clothing

-one in four adults have an income below what is needed to avoid poverty

-one in eight adults have very low income.

University of Glasgow Professor Nick Bailey said the PSE project proved that both the efforts of Westminster and Scotland’s government had failed in dealing with poverty.

Scotland may also have to pay for BBC shows. According to Labour Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran, SNP’s plans to broadcast BBC after independence is an “uncosted, untested and completely unrealistic idea.” She said Scotland may have to deal with a lower quality of programming should BBC be replaced by the Scottish Broadcasting Service proposed by First Minister Alex Salmond should there be a “Yes” vote.

Analyst said that without the aid of Westminster, Scotland may very well fall off-course economically and culturally.


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