‘Real Wives Of ISIS’ TV Show Becomes Expectantly Controversial Overnight

‘Real Wives Of ISIS’ TV Show Becomes Expectantly Controversial Overnight

The Islamic State’s prevalence and determination to fend off Iraqi and Western forces in Syria and Mosul had earned them the ire of the world — and the possibility of their commercialisation in the world’s mass media. That is what BBC2 thought when they created a segment in BBC2’s “Revolting” named”Real Wives of ISIS” — a TV show spinoff of “Desperate Housewives” — showcasing four Western women who according to script travelled to Syria and became “jihadi brides.”

The show makes parodies of current news such as one of the characters wearing a new suicide jacket as her new “outfit of the day” photo for Instagram. The jokes in the show proved “tasteless” and “disturbing” for many viewers last Tuesday night when the show debuted.

The YouTube comments section of the clip has seen 33,000 comments discussing the sensitivity of the jokes and commentaries as it “[makes] fun of vulnerable girls who’ve been groomed and are being raped by terrorists,” said one commenter. Some said “the BBC got some explaining to do.”

Some admired the show for taking a difficult subject matter that could raise awareness to women being groomed online by ISIS recruiters. According to one, the “whole point of satire is to bring people down to a level.” Another said “If you can mock something, you’re not scared of it. ISIS want to be feared. Don’t give them that.”

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