UN Accuses Russia of Barbaric Methods

UN Accuses Russia of Barbaric Methods

The United Nations said Moscow is worsening the situation in Aleppo over its bombing runs against all rebel opposition. It said that Russian warplanes had pounded the city with a heavy bombing raids that killed dozens of civilian lives in one run.

According to US Ambassador Samantha Power “What Russia is sponsoring and doing is not counter-terrorism. It is barbarism.”

British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said “It is difficult to deny that Russia is partnering with the Syrian regime to carry out war crimes.”

About 124 civilians had died with bunker-busting bombs and other non-discriminate weaponry were launched in different areas of Aleppo.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon wanred that the use of advanced weaponry against civilians can be considered as a war crime.

Ban called on world powers to “work harder for an end to the nightmare” in Syria. The death toll for the ongoing civil war has killed 300,000 people and dislodged more than millions of Syrians as refugees in different countries.

Russia’s Ambassador Vitaly Churkin conceded that the surge in violence over the past days meant that “bringing a peace is almost an impossible task now.”

Churkin again laid blame for the failed diplomacy with the United States, accusing Washington of being unable to convince armed opposition groups that it backs on the ground to distance themselves from the Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front and abide by the ceasefire.

A US-Russian ceasefire deal that would have charted a way forward towards peace talks was broken by the “sabotage by the moderate opposition”, he asserted.

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